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About Us

our small team

It’s a pretty small team here at toucan, just the two of us in fact!  But with a proper structured system of accountability and enjoying the challenge, it works perfectly.

At toucan, we like to think of ourselves as your ‘own in-house design team’.  Being on hand to help promote and enhance your business or organisation.

what is our business all about?

Toucan Digital Creative is a newly created digital agency, and is based in Kefalonia, Greece.  We specialise in web development using WordPress, social media branding, desktop publishing for stationery and marketing material and custom fonts and icons.  Our own website model is constructed to be able to simply create and deliver online and electronic media, very similar to on-line shopping.  We also offer bespoke web development services.

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how we support our clients

For customers of our website products, we cover full support and technical assistance for 12 months as standard.  This is all included within your product, and renewable on an annual basis.  In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve a hosting related issue, we will contact the relevant hosting provider on your behalf.  Outside of office hours, you can also contact the hosting provider directly, or if not urgent, raise the ticket through our in-house Help Centre on myToucan, where we will address it as a priority when we next open.

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where are our sites hosted?

For all of our website product customers, we securely store all of your data at Hetzner Online GMBH, Datacentre Park, Nuremberg, Germany. They provide excellent hosting specifications with maximum uptime and a fantastic support infrastructure.

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our service commitment

Our goal is to make your online journey with Toucan Digital Creative simple, fun and rewarding.

By offering a one-stop shop for your needs, we can keep the process straight forward from start to finish, offering you the opportunity to customise your design, ask questions along the way even before you have paid a penny!

Keeping the process simple means your online presence could be up and running within a few days, and we are here to hold your hand for any unexpected situations you might come up against through the journey, so you can relax.

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phil greenaway

creative director

Born and bred from Oxford in England, I moved to Devon in 2002 with my work.  Originally only planning on staying for a couple of years, I met Paul, and subsequently ended up staying.  I lived in Torquay for 18 years, before moving to Kefalonia with Paul at the end of 2019.  A move which we had thought about making since our first holiday here in 2004.

During my time in the UK, I spent the majority of my mainstream career in retail management with Tesco.  I started out with Tesco in 1990 as a part-time Saturday boy, and after several part-time jobs, I decided to go full-time in 1995.  I covered pretty much all aspects of retail management, from service, online, trading, personnel, training and development.  I also worked on group roles, covering training and development for the companies Metro format in South West England and South Wales.

I started turning my hand to web development and graphics design in 2008, when completing some personal projects for friends.  It was from here that I re-discovered my inspiration for creating ways of accessing information online and making the relative graphics.  After a couple of years self-teaching, I went freelance and setup my own business The Web Depot, which I managed alongside my full-time career.  This was also my foundation into HTML and CSS, which would later become a hugely valuable skill in the industry, to customise the look and feel of web projects even more. However, creating projects and managing the support infrastructure became a challenge, whilst trying to focus also on my mainstream career.  I then just developed sites and graphics on a request basis.

I left Tesco after nearly 25 years in 2019, when we made our much dreamt of move to Greece.  It was from this point that I decided to start our own digital creative agency, and in turn adapting a simple way to select, consult and purchase web development related services.

When I’m not creating at toucan, I love walking, wood craft, interior design, DIY, playing around with our audio ‘n’ visual gear and writing articles for our own online magazine, kefalonialive.gr.  When we get the opportunity, I also love traveling by road through mainland Europe.

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paul foster

business administration director

Born in 1965 in Sidcup, Kent, my family moved to a little village called Nonington near Canterbury when I was about 3 years old. I spent most of my childhood building dens in the woods and generally loving life.

During secondary school, my parents became landlords of The Lord Warden pub in Deal, where I started working before moving as a family to Devon in 1982.

I have worked mainly in retail as a senior manager and it is so true when people say “You could write a book about this place”!  Having covered all areas of work in a superstore environment, my skills have developed so that I can turn my hand to most things, deal with awkward situations, and still remain calm even when under pressure.

Our decision to make the move to Kefalonia started in 2004 after my first holiday here with Phil when we both said that we would love to retire here, so we started planning.

I was made redundant in 2018 after 30+ years, which means our plans had moved forward by about 1 year, but I spent that time installing a new kitchen, trying to learn the basics of Greek and planning the biggest move of our lives – leaving the UK for a new start in Greece.

Between then and the move, I took on a part-time job with Boots as a Fragrance Consultant. Didn’t have a clue to start but with guidance and determination, I found my new niche and absolutely loved it.

When I am not working, I love to bake and cook and research the past through genealogy.  I have two fantastic kids who can’t wait to visit all the time, and we are all looking forward to the next stages of our life adventures.


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