logo and brand design

building business standards and identities

Logos and Branding

building or enhancing your brand image

Your logo is a graphical element, which represents your business and provides a visual symbol of your vision.  It is a huge part of your brand integrity, which people will remember and associate with you, including what your business is and what you do.

At toucan, we work with you to get a more in-depth undersanding of your business and what your vision is.  By collating this information, we can create a logo which speaks words, and enable it to be extended across a variety of areas of your business.

managing your brand guidelines

Brand integrity is how customers perceive your business.  Ensuring the design of your brand meets strict guidelines and specifications goes a long way to building your reputation and business standards.

Once your logo is designed, we create a set of usage guidelines for you.  this includes:

  • specific colour pallets and where they should be used
  • size of logo for marketing material
  • specific font family and what weights should be used and where

By implementing these guidelines into your business, it will help support professionalism and integrity, and in turn, go a long way to building your reputation.

manipulating your brand

Consistency is one of the most important factors in how your logo and brand speaks to your audience.  However, it is also equally important that you manipulate your brand in a number of ways to attact further attention.  Different scenarios for manipulating your logo and brand may include:

  • Specific special offers
  • Seasonal events – Christmas, summer
  • Community events – carnivals

Manipulating your brand will not only help you stand out and demonstrate recognition but also build a more inclusive and diverse image for your business in your community

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