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how we cost and design your website

simple, affordable and transparent

Your logo is a graphical element, which represents your business and provides a visual symbol of your vision.  It is a huge part of your brand integrity, which people will remember and associate with you, including what your business is and what you do.

At toucan, we work with you to get a more in-depth undersanding of your business and what your vision is.  By collating this information, we can create a logo which speaks words, and enable it to be extended across a variety of areas of your business.

You will probably have heard that people remember only 20% of what they read… but 80% of what they see!

what am I looking at in way of costs?

Our hourly design rate is currently set at €12 per hour.  Obviously, the overall cost will vary significanly depending on the type of site we are designing, size and applications involved.  We work on a Fixed Price system, where the price quoted, is the price you pay.  To keep it straight forward and transparent, we detail the whole job for you, so you can see what time is spent, and where.

If you scroll to the bottom of this space, we give you a scenario of a fictional site, with demonstrates the capability, what was involved and how it cost.

the three phase process

our simple project template demonstrates how we build your site


Collating information, establishing your brand on which your site will be built and modelled on

core build

Construction the core pages, elements and applications that are required on your website


Finalising, client test driving and getting everything ready to be launched in a live environment

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