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Custom Web Design

keep it simple - keep the customer

With websites it is easy to get carried away with too much text, or too many pictures which in the end drive visitors away.

We will help you design your website with clear and easy to understand information, so that visitors don’t ‘bounce’ away from your site – never to return!

When writing we will take into account the specific needs and ideals of the business, and create content that people will want to read and explore further.

a truly responsive solution for all devices

More than 50% of users will make that first search from their mobile phone, so your first impressions really do count. All of our websites are designed with desktops, tablets and smartphones in mind, so that they truly are responsive. 

You need it to be easy to navigate, punchy and straight to the point to entice your potential customers to look further, drawing them in for more information.

See the examples below of how websites are seen on different devices.

supporting you all the way

All of our custom and off-shelf websites come with 12 months myToucan elements website assistance as standard.

This covers all the required essentials for software licencing, updates and support as well as our prompt assistance should you encounter any issues with your website.  Even though your hosting and email services are covered by the hosting provider, we will do our best to resolve these issues for you as well.

And if you want to take the weight off your feet, we even have additional support service bundles. You can upgrade to one of these, from managing your content to full in-house design service, so you can focus on running your business.

checkout responsive devices

click on the device descriptions below to understand how responsive sites work

1024px +

1024 to 768px

430 to 320px

built on a world class platform

All our sites are designed and created exclusively in WordPress.  An open-source content management system, WordPress is the choice platform for over 60 million websites across the world.  It provides a user friendly, feature rich back-end system for managing your content, and receives updates on a regular basis, which rectify any known issues, improve performance and fix known security issues.  Our retail web bundles are integrated with WooCommerce, which is the exclusive e-commerce system for WordPress.  Heavily used across the world by both small and large businesses, WooCommerce aligns completely with the design of your standard site pages, as well as being packed with features to maintain and manage your online retail outlet.

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